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I LOVE Amber Hill Mortgages Limited

7th August 2019 | Written by ILCH | Categories : news & features

While some mortgage providers continue to deliver a one size fits all, run-of-the-mill service for their clients, Amber Hill Mortgages Limited is a Cheadle Hulme based company that bucks the trend.

Amber Hill Mortgages Limited specialises in a range of mortgage services, including residential, investment, and commercial. Additionally, the company assists customers seeking advice with insurance, covering a range of areas such as life insurance, critical insurance, as well as home and business insurance.

After the field caught her attention whilst in the process of purchasing her first home ten years ago, founder Amber Crosby-Craig has since flourished in the sector, providing support for many clients at multiple stages of their property journey:

“I went to buy my first house and enjoyed the process of how everything worked, as well as the project management side of things. I enquired about how to become a mortgage advisor, and within a couple of months, I’d started working at a local firm. I stayed there for six years, and I’ve worked here at Amber Hill Mortgages Limited for four years, so I’ve been in the industry for ten years.”

Many people are not only keen to take their initial steps onto the property ladder, but also diversify their portfolio. As such, there is a high-demand amongst prospective buyers for committed, skilled mortgage advisors who’ll ensure that their mortgage application is seamless. While many practitioners offer the same help as Amber Hill Mortgages Limited, it’s the business’ friendly approach that Amber believes sets her company apart from competitors:

“In this sector, correspondence between customers and companies can sometimes be quite serious, but customers who leave a review on my Facebook page always say how they’re impressed by how friendly and down-to-earth I am! I like to explain things in a very simple, straightforward way, so my clients understand what every process looks like. If I say that I’ll do something, I always deliver, and I’m always completely honest to make sure that I manage customer expectations in the right way.”

While Amber is the initiator of the Cheadle Hulme-based enterprise, extra pairs of hands have been recruited to maintain the fantastic customer service currently being provided, as described by the company founder:

“I’m the business owner and I interview the clients’ day to day; I’m in charge of getting the clients and booking appointments. I also have two amazing members of staff, Dawn and Emma, who look after company administration. Up until potential clients have been approved, I’m the ‘face of things’, so to speak. Once things have been approved, the administration is then forwarded to Dawn or Emma, and the mortgage is seen through to completion. I definitely couldn’t do it on my own!”

Buying a property can be expensive, and in addition to high-costs, the experience can be unpleasant if sufficient support and guidance aren’t provided by a mortgage specialist. However, Amber Hill Mortgages Limited strives to ensure that their clients don’t experience angst or worry when buying a property; the company promote a philosophy that the buyer should be excited, not agitated throughout the mortgage process. Amber Crosby-Craig is keen to instil a positive business ethos whereby her customers are provided with unrivalled customer service:

“I break things down for customers into nice, manageable chunks and make sure that people are comfortable with what they need to know. Only when they are 100% happy with what’s going on do I carry on and proceed to project manage the process. I’d consider this to be a mini-USP, in the sense that irrespective of which solicitor or estate agent a client is using, I’ll happily project manage the whole thing. We always make sure that clients are provided with a weekly update so they know exactly where the process is up to.”

While Amber Hill Mortgages Limited has been a resounding success since being formed just over two years ago, its ambitious founder is keen to continue her own self-development, allowing her to enhance the company’s credentials. A specialist in mortgage and insurance, Amber Crosby-Craig is currently training to offer wealth services:

“I’ve completed two out of three required exams and will be taking the pension exam in October. There are very few companies that offer all services under one roof, so I think there’s a niche that I can offer future clients. An extra member of staff is joining the team to take on my mortgage book, and I’m going to move into the wealth sector. I’ve been hoping to make this development for a while and look forward to launching it next year!”

A company dedicated to the delivery of a professional, friendly service, Amber Hill Mortgages Limited has already taken huge strides towards success. With upcoming plans for expansion in the pipeline, the building blocks are certainly in place for a bright future for Cheadle Hulme’s stellar mortgage company. 

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