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Neighbourhood Alert System

13th February 2017 | Written by ILCH | Categories : news & features

Our updated list following on from our article about the Neighbourhood Alert System, which is helping to prevent crime in Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme.

Following the recent thefts and break-ins around our villages, I Love Cheadle Hulme and I Love Bramhall have set up a Neighbourhood Alert System in the area.
Neighbourhood Alert

We have encouraged people to step forward to be coordinators on their roads and invite their neighbours to join a  WhatsApp group where you will be able to share information or any concerns you have. If someone’s alarm has been going off, or you notice suspicious activity a simple message in the group can make sure neighbours are aware and are alert. This isn’t a replacement of the existing Neighbour Watch Schemes but acts as an instant way to communicate with your neighbours and share information with the police.

We have had a great response from the local residents joining the WhatsApp groups and co-ordinators stepping forward, but we need more!

Here’s the list for Cheadle Hulme so far, so if you are interested in joining your roads WhatsApp group chat please get in contact:

  • * Acre Lane
  • * Alderdale Rd
  • * Aldersgate Rd
  • * Bancroft Av
  • * Bankfield Rd
  • * Bath Crescent
  • * Cheadle Rd (numbers 14-64 & 39 -53)
  • * Cheddington Close
  • * Conway Rd
  • * Coral Av
  • * Coral Rd
  • * Crossefield Rd
  • * East Downs
  • * Eden Park
  • * Gill Bent Rd
  • * Glandon Drive
  • * Glastonbury Av
  • * Greenlands Close
  • * Hilltop Avenue
  • *Hollythorn Av
  • * Howard Av
  • * Hylton Drive
  • * Kingsley Dr
  • * Ladybridge Rd
  • * Ledge Ley
  • * Longmeadow
  • * Lyncombe Close
  • * Lynton Park
  • * Marlborough Av (1-31 | 57 – 63| 69 -91 | 102- 130 )
  • * Meadway Rd
  • * Millwood Close
  • * Moelfre Dr
  • * Moseley Rd
  • * Newhaven Close
  • * North Downs Rd
  • * Nursery Rd
  • * Oakleigh Rd
  • * Park Rd
  • * Pingate
  • * Queens Rd
  • * Ravenoak Park Rd
  • * Ravenoak Rd
  • * Regency Gardens
  • * Rosthernmere Rd
  • * Rowan Dr
  • * Rushside Rd
  • * Selwyn Dr
  • * Seymour Rd
  • * Shaftesbury Av
  • * Sherbourne Close
  • * Southdown Crescent
  • * Swann Lane
  • * Tenby Rd
  • * Tewkesbury Close
  • * The Circuit 
  • * The Green 
  • * The Grove
  • * Thorn Grove
  • * Thornfield Grove 
  • * Vaudrey Dr
  • * Washington Close
  • *West Downs
  • * Wyngate Rd
  • * Yew Tree Park Rd

We will NOT make the names and phone numbers of co-ordinators public, so please get in touch with Wendy for Bramhall [email protected] and Kate for Cheadle Hulme [email protected] for more information.

Please head to the I Love Bramhall for the Bramhall Roads. is offering £20 off their video doorbells – please use the discount code ILOVEBRAMHALL on checkout

Please note that NO contact details with be shared with ANYONE except your coordinator.

The coordinator’s role is not particularly daunting, but would involve the following :

  • * Visiting each house and canvass neighbours encouraging them to join the WhatsApp We have designed a leaflet for you to download here Neighbourhood Alert System – PDFand we have had 5000 printed so people can use them (Neighbours who do not have a mobile phone can give home telephone numbers)
  • * Circulating information received from the police and vice versa
  • * Creating a ‘safety net’ with your neighbours to aid faster communication if you are a victim of crime, or alarms go off, or neighbours see suspicious activity on their road /street/lane etc.
  • * Attending neighbourhood watch meetings with other coordinators, police and local councillors.

Let’s get neighbours talking again!


Always Report. Always.

We find it reassuring to know that our policing team DO take any reports of thefts and intruders very seriously. Even if nothing is taken, or if it was just an unlocked car rifled through, the police need to know about it –  so local policing teams can respond to patterns or frequencies. However, both officers were also quick to reassure residents that action IS taken and arrests HAVE been made – although that can’t always be made public. Even the slightest suspicion of anti-social behaviour or criminal activity should be reported on 101 – and ALWAYS 999 for a crime in progress or person in danger.



We have been liaising with our local PCSO – Maureen Crehan and she will gladly attend any meetings or answer any questions you may have. Her email is [email protected] and phone number 0161 439 2189 

So let’s get something positive from this – build our community spirit and keep Cheadle Hulme and Bramhall as sought-after, friendly places to live and work.